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Diane Robinson is a Southern California native who has always had a love for suspense, mystery and crime worlds. Her interest in law enforcement led to her publishing her first series of crime prevention books for all ages, children, men, women, seniors, handicapped.


As a descendant of a patriarch of a prominent Spanish-Mexican family in the early days of California, she is also penning a book on the 1781 Spanish expedition her great-great-great grandfather trailed that helped found Los Angeles.






Within these books, she empowers confidence, education and knowledge to equip and educate oneself to know there are ways out if one ever felt threatened or scared.


She also not only explores survival, hope, cultural clashes, moral choices, and a malevolent beast through the eyes of a Spanish soldado and his family, but takes us on that journey to the past for a better future and the moral choices characters have to make to unselfishly survive. Imagine a land of barren plains and a desolation of a wilderness frontier for a promise of a new land of opportunity. She shares her books and stories through passion, education and knowledge that empower and equip to know there are ways to survive when feeling threatened.